On Monday, October 2nd, 2006, over on the Off QUEUE Message Board, we will begin a 13 week study of the New Testament. This will allow for the study to complete right at the end of 2006. It also gives you enough time to order/purchase the workbook.The cool thing about doing this study on the internet, it doesn’t matter if you are reading this in September of 2006 or anytime after that – the information will remain online until a time when it is no longer of use.The workbook can be ordered from Amazon (click here) for under $19.Over the course of the 13 weeks, we will:


    Read the New Testament (roughly 4 chapters a day)
    Examine the nature of the New Testament
    Study the world of the New Testament
    Investigate the text of the New Testament
    Identify the authors of the New Testament
    Explore the contents of the New Testament
    Practice principles of interpretation of the New Testament

We’ve become a generation that does not know what the New Testament says. Many of us have been taught the principles of the New Testament, but have based our personal theologies on what we’ve been told the book says, not what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us in our own studies. Join me in a short walk through the New Testament…