After 10 years of youth ministry and 2 years of recovery, I realized that what Off QUEUE had become held very little value for the Christ-following community.  Sure there were valuable thoughts contained within, but on the whole, Off QUEUE had become a reflection of my own negativity and disdain for the local church as we trod through these postmodern times.   

 I recognized the trend about 9 months ago and imposed a ban on my own voice as I sought to regain my focus and love for the body that Christ gave us/me – the local church. 

With that, my family has relocated and begun attending a young church that is more intune with the changes brought about by the postmodern cultural shift.  For the first time in a long time, I’m engaged by what is happening in the local church instead of taking pot shots at what isn’t happening. 

That’s not to say that Off QUEUE will no longer look at or discuss the effects of emerging culture on the local church.  I’m just going to try to do it from a more balanced point of view. 

And finally, on the web-design side, Off QUEUE needed more options beyond a simple blog interface.  The blog and message board environments still hold a major role, but by opening the site back up to a more traditional design, it allows for the growth that I envision down the road. 

I hope the new Off QUEUE will again encourage you as we discover our path in this journey of faith.