The past two weeks, our pastor has been dwelling on the difference between waiting upon the Lord and waiting for the Lord.  The difference being on who we’re waiting on to make something happen – not doing anything until God moves (waiting for) and waiting for God’s timing (waiting upon).  We were challenged last week to figure out what we are waiting upon the Lord for…  It bothered me for a few days, because for a long time, I don’t think I was doing anything but waiting for God to change my heart.  But I was wrong.  In returning to church as an involved participant, I realized I again was waiting upon God. 

Those of you that know me, know that there haven’t been 2 weeks in a row in the past several years that I haven’t been in church.  But, even though I was there, there was very little involvement, if any, on my part.  I was very much falling out of love with church.  In what may very well have been a last ditch effort, a trip to a broken church reminded me why God left his passion entrusted to the church – a community of broken pieces trying to figure out how to chase after Jesus. 

So, as I drove to work on Monday, I realized that I had subtly moved from waiting for to waiting upon.  Where do you stand?