Have you ever been reading along in email or on the web and hit a spot that made you want to throw up?  I had one of those moments today. 

A friend of mine passed on an article about a guy claiming to be Jesus.  Right out of the box, I want to write the guy off as a crackpot and move on to the next story.  But, when the guy is pulling in $1.4 million a year and adding 100 churches a year to his membership, I figure it’s worth reading a little bit more. 

Houston Press did this article on him:  http://houstonpress.com/2006-11-30/news/this-man-thinks-he-s-jesus-h-christ/full

He’s got this website:  http://www.cegenglish.com/  and this one:  http://www.creciendoengracia.com/

And there’s plenty more just by searching on “José Luis De Jesús Miranda”.
This isn’t just some crackpot somewhere else stirring the pot.  This guy has a church meeting right here in Jacksonville, FL every Wednesday at 8:00pm in a Best Western hotel.  And honestly, I’m even ok with that.  He’s got the freedom to do that.  The part that really makes me sick is that our American church today has opened the door for him to be successful. 
Why, you ask?  How do I come to such a conclusion?  We’ve raised, and continue to raise, Chuck E. Cheese generations of Christians.  They have no idea what scripture has to say beyond a few stories.  They don’t know how to study scripture in light of its context and historical reference.  They don’t know how to apply scripture to their daily lives.  They do however know how to be entertained and spun up into a frenzy over whatever topic an energetic, passionate preacher might present.  We’ve given guys like this the opportunity to come in and present himself as the answer. 
Look around America.  The largest church in America is led by a guy that at best is a motivational speaker.  Wake up Church!