March 2007

My friend and pastor this week took us down a road that was and is way too close to my own heart right now.  You see, our church has gone through a bit of turmoil (serious understatement, but not relavent to this particular post) the past year.  We came to a point where we realized God would rather have our fellowship together without the overhead of a building and utilities.  So, this past Sunday was our last day in the place we normally gathered.  It was a bit different sitting in a room normally decorated with couches, sound equipment and various forms of art that was basically empty with the exception of a few plastic chairs and a pile of “if you don’t take it, it’s going in the trash” stuff.  Where we normally share a few songs at an elevated sound level, this Sunday we shared an accoustic set without any amps or microphones.  I could actually hear the people around me worshiping as well… 

But as we settled in for the teaching portion of the gathering, Quincy related our situation to that of the Children of Israel in Numbers 13.  In that story, Moses, under the guidance of the Lord, leads the Israelites to a place near Canaan where he sends 12 spies into the land to survey its prospects.  Much like these people, our fellowship stands on the brink of something great – right where God has led us. 

So, the spies look around for 40 days and return to tell of the greatness of Canaan.  But they follow their report with their observation of the people in the coutry and speak of how much bigger and more powerful these men are than the Israelites.  Caleb, one of the spies, spoke up and said, “Let us go up at once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it.”  But the others overrulled his decision and they turned away from Canaan. 

God wanted to wipe them out on the spot, but instead, decided to set them wandering until every last one of them – except Caleb – had died and the next generation would then move into Canaan and take what God had ordained and blessed.

Quincy recognized where God has led us and where we stand today.  And much like Caleb, he recognizes the might of the giants before us, and has chosen God’s strength over his own (or our own) fears.  We will come against giants, but God’s going to come through for this little fellowship – as long as we continue to walk in the manner for which God has directed.  As we walked out of the building Sunday, checked the lights, AC and doors one final time, we turned and began walking into our Canaan. 

And all of that would have been plenty to walk away with feeling good about ourselves.  But Quincy didn’t stop there.  He set forth the challenge for us to walk in the same manner in our own lives when we look out and see giants in our own paths.  But that’s not quite as easy to jump on board with.  It should be, but for some reason, my fear gets the best of me when it only concerns me or my family.  So, I’m praying this week that God gives me the courage and strength to walk towards the giants when that’s where He’s called me to go and route around them when it’s not necessary.  Your prayers of the same would be greatly appreicated.

There’s this great worship experience that travels around Jacksonville each month to a different venue and helps attendees experience God – often in a manner very different from what they see on a Sunday morning.  This particular month’s event is Firday, March 16th @ 7:30pm at Parkwood Baptist Church.  Parkwood is located at 7900 Lone Star Rd, Jacksonville, Florida 32211. 

 You can also join in the conversation between events at their blog at:  

I hope to see you there…