Tomorrow the film Evan Almighty hits theatres across the nation.  And similarly to Bruce Almighty from a couple of years ago, this takes a biblical idea and puts it in action in today’s world (in an exaggerated sort of way – maybe).  My kids and I had the opportunity to screen this a few weeks ago and loved it. 

I loved the obedience that Evan shows in this film.  God places him in the role of Noah, having to build an ark in modern-day suburbia.  Reluctantly he obeys, even when his wife, kids and co-workers bail on him.  He sees the task before him and stays the course.  I’ve wanted to write something about this film for the past few weeks, but didn’t want to simply overview the same film that every Christian outlet is doing, or will do over the next month. 

But today I was reading a blog post by Scott Thomas, the Director of Acts29 Network,  ( and came to the conclusion of why Evan Almighty is important to me.  Scott’s post looks at Mark Driscoll’s home life and how like Evan, has chosen to stay the course in the task God first gave him – raising his family as God would have him.  It doesn’t paint Mark to be some type of saint, because he screws up like every one of us does.  But it reminded me that Evan’s call to build his ark is very much like my call to build my family.  I have the choice of whose direction to take, God’s or my own.  I hope that when I look back on these days – or when others look at my family – it will be an example of how to listen to God and follow his direction.

If you’re a movie fan, Evan Almighty is one that you can make a family outing of.  There are plenty of laughs and some great principles spread throughout.