Saturday night, Ascension, in a joint effort with Crucial, provided a time of worship and teaching in a cool little space called Zamar off of Baymeadows Road.  The theme of the night was “Breathe” and was directed at participants through music, video, poetry, expression and the message.  

Manny’s discussion left me walking away thinking about what I breathe out and to whom I breathe on.  He centered his talk on the idea that a complete breath consists of an inhale and an exhale.  He used a comparison of the 21% oxygen we breathe in with each breath and we then turn around and breathe right back out 15-18% to what God intends for us to do with His presence.  It was mentioned how maybe God intends for his breathe upon us to be more for those around us instead of for our own understanding, gain or even bloatedness. 

So, as I left and began thinking about the whole breathe in, breathe out concept, my wife’s recent events came to mind.  Over the past few months, one of my wife’s closest friends has been declining in her battle with breast cancer.  There have been several phone calls and visits where my wife’s sole purpose is to read scripture over her friend.  At times my wife’s friend has simply been able to rest in the presence of God’s words.  At other times she’s had a friend to talk about the effects of cancer and what will be left behind if God chooses not to heal her this side of heaven. 

Over the past 14 years the two of them have breathed into, over and around each other’s lives.  I hope you have someone that is breathing God into, over and around you.  And I hope you are breathing God into, over and around someone else.  If not, why not give it a try.  Breathe in some of what God is doing around you and breathe it back out over someone else.  This is what Ascension was about Saturday night – and is about everyday.

If you’ve got a story of how you or someone else embodies this breathe in, breathe out concept, we would love to hear about it… Go to the Ascension blog (by clicking here) and share your story.