If the talks weren’t enough to entice you to Catalyst, the worship should have been.  With 11,000 people in one room being led by a group of transparent worship leaders was absolutely awesome!  Every time they took the stage it was awesome, but during the second day, there was a point where God was SOOOO real in that room that I was simply in awe.  If you get the chance to catch Steve Fee in your area, you’d be crazy to pass it up. 

We shared a moment when everyone was given a whistle pop and asked to blow it at the same time.  We then watched as the sound broke a champagne glass that was in the center of the room.  Did I mention this was extremely loud?

And then there’s the annual trip into the Guinness Book of World Records.  In years past they’ve had the biggest pillow fight and the most people to sit on a whoopee cushion at the same time.  But this year, we set 4 records.  First we blew the most soap bubbles at one time, then we threw the most Frisbees simultaneously and we popped the most soap bubbles with Frisbees.  And then the next day we broke the record for the most records broke at one time by simultaneously breaking old 45’s.  And while it’s cool to have an impact in the record books, I hope that we can look back at this conference and see where it was the root of some real impact in a more lasting fashion. 
After a 6 hour car ride, 2 full days of speakers and worship, way too much food court food, Quincy, Jamie and I loaded back into the car for another 6 hour ride.  And for the first 5 ½ hours solid we unpacked what we just experienced.  If the ride would have been 4 more hours, I think we would have kept unpacking.  There was just so much relevant information that I’m still finding notes and comments that I took and remember that are influencing where I’ll go from here. 
And one final thing, if you haven’t heard of Tom’s shoes, it’s worth checking out.  Simple business plan.  You buy a pair of shoes and they give another pair away to an impoverished person.  Check them out at http://www.tomsshoes.com/.