Ascension Worship is taking on a new level of organization this year.  If you’ve followed along the past few years as Ascension has grown, then you probably have noticed the production getting larger as the events progressed.  And then last year, we kind of tripped over this theme that carried us through the year. 

But this year, we’ve begun with an over-arching theme that will walk with us through the 10 events for 2008.  This year, we’re focusing on “UNIFY” and some of the many different ways that plays out for us as individuals and members of our communities. 

We’ve also added an element where each month we’re partnering with another ministry that will give an opportunity to become involved in something going on beyond your own backyard.  Some of these are ministries that you’re aware of, buy some of them may be new.  All of them are ones that we as Ascension have been supporting or following. 

If you’ve never been to an Ascension event, you’re probably wondering what to expect.  Quite simply, our passion is to ignite (or re-ignite) a passion within the local church and exists only to provide a means to worship God.  There’s typically worship music with video and lighting elements that help portray the emotion of the music.  There’s typically a short message that connects the evening with the year’s theme.  And there’s typically time to ponder what you experience – with others or by yourself. 

2008 kicks off February 22nd with a bang at The Fellowship at Celebration Baptist Church.  They are located at 13720 McCormick Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225 (Google Map it here).  The doors open at 7pm and the evening will begin promptly at 7:18.  Hope to see you there.