I started this little reading plan as a way to be intentional about reading something from God each day.  If you’re like me at all, it’s just too easy to rely on what I already know and listen to God through somebody else’s filters.  I realized that I needed to spend time with God through my own filters.  My reading plan is a short and simple one that will take me through the New Testament between January and the beginning of December.  Each weekday, I begin my computer time with a short time of reading and then a little reflection. 

Funny how God works.  I’ve already noticed, been made aware of, recognized… however you want to say it, words are leaping off the pages that directly correspond to who I am and who I want to be.  For instance, in Matthew 11, Jesus is talking about cures to problems (blind-see, lame-walk, deaf-hear) but he comes to poor and he doesn’t rebut with wealth of any sort.  Not enough to get buy, not enough to be comfortable, not enough to give away, not even as much as you can handle.  He solves being poor by having good news (the Gospel message of Jesus) preached.  How jacked up is my thinking that when I think of being poor that I immediately stay bound to this existence and focus on wealth.