Like the last post, this one is going to be stretched over several speakers from Catalyst.

Priscilla Shirer got up the second day and got the blood pumping.  She pointed out that sometimes it’s time to get excited about the treasure we already have.  She charged us to “Act Immediately, Act Fearlessly, and Acknowledge the Presence of God”.  And then using the story of Joshua 3 where the people are waiting to cross the Jordan, she told us to “Act today, like God’s going to move tomorrow.”

Dave Ramsey used a formula to gain momentum.  And I, being the only person I know that actually recognizes the uses of Algebra in my daily workings, loved his use of the formula.

Focused Intensity (GOD) = Momentum

That’s Focused Intensity over Time, multiplied by God equals momentum.

Dave then clarified some of those terms and how they effect our perception.  First, that when we have momentum, we look better than we are.  And that momentum is created, it does not randomly occur.  Focus was defined as when I can’t see anything except what I’m looking at.  And finally, Dave pointed out that focus can be lost because of fear and/or greed.

For me, this was a great session in light of where we are with Ascension Worship.  It’s grown unbelievably over the past two years.  But as I look back I see the focused intensity that has persisted over time.  I see how God has taken the little we’ve generated, multiplied and blessed it and it has generated a momentum that has been unmistakable to our team.

Louie Giglio was the next speaker that I heard because we took the opportunity to beat the rush and left for lunch a little early.  Louie, being in a transitional point in his life pointed out that we’re holding the door for the next generation to run through.  I wrote next to this statement that this is the job of Ascension Worship.  We have the core value of being a resource to the local church that ignites a fire within that context.  We may be holding the door for the next generation of leaders, but we’re also providing that transitional culture between old and new.

Louie continued with a quote from Thomas Merton “Your life is shaped by the end you’re living for.  You are made in the image of what you desire.”  He pointed out that Christ had said that he did what He saw the Father doing.  And He said what He heard the Father saying.  We as imitators of Christ should be doing and saying the same.  Then Louie closed out with a statement that I loved and needed to hear in a time where it seems there are more dying and failing churches apparent than ever before.  He said, the church rests on Him.  We’ve got a competent, perfect head leading this thing.  He’s got it under control.

– more to come –