Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light, the following propositions will be discussed on Off QUEUE and facebook, in honor of the beginning of the reformation that began 492 years ago under the presidency of the Reverend Father Martin Luther, Master of Arts and of Sacred Theology, and Lecturer in Ordinary at Wittenberg.  Wherefore he requested that those who are unable to be present and debate orally, may do so online (at least that’s what he would say today).

In the Name our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  1. The church is not a neighborhood social club.
  2. “Christian” is not an adjective.
  3. “They” will only change the world if you won’t.
  4. The U.S. is a mission field.
  5. Tradition is not Gospel.
  6. God does not conform to my reasoning.
  7. Being in the majority does not mean I’m right.
  8. I don’t have to convince anyone of or defend God to anyone – He’s got that under control.
  9. A pastor’s message is not “good” if it doesn’t strengthen your stance or change your direction.

    9.5.   Luther, Calvin & Wesley were three men with great convictions many years ago.  Where are those kind of men today?