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Logos Bible Software is giving away thousands of dollars of prizes to celebrate the launch of Logos Bible Software 4 Mac on October 1. Prizes include an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPod Touch, and more than 100 other prizes!

They’re also having a special limited-time sale on their Mac and PC base packages and upgrades. Check it out!

rewind poster

The final Ascension of 2007 will be tomorrow night at San Pablo Baptist Church (3044 San Pablo Road Jacksonville, Florida 32224) Friday, November 16, 2007.  The doors open at 7pm.  This Ascension is titled “Rewind” and Manny and I be rewinding through this past year and putting one last action step to the year.  The band is pulling out a few of the songs from this year and introducing a preview of next year as well. 

 If you’re unfamiliar with Ascension, we’re a group of people that take a concert-environment worship experience into churches around the Northeast Florida, Southeast Georgia area on a monthly basis.  Come check us out and then get on the schedule to host an event in your neck of the woods.  You can learn more by checking out our MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/ascensionworship

– mark

For the past 3 years I’ve been working this gig called the Jacksonville Film Festival (and now Jacksonville Film Events).  If you follow the film community at all, you’ve seen the rise of Independent film and festivals around the nation.  Jacksonville’s festival turns 5 this year and in my opinion is the best 4 day attraction Jacksonville offers.  Why am I telling you this?  Because right now you have the opportunity to win access to 10 films during this year’s festival on May 17-20.  That’s 10 for you, 5 for you and a friend or invite 9 of your friends to join you in watching a single film.  It’s a great deal and all you have to do is predict better than the other Jacksonville film buffs at the winners of this Sunday’s Oscars.  Fill out your ballot here and good luck!